All screenings will take place at the historic Circle Cinema.
(10 S Lewis, Tulsa, OK 74104)


Wednesday, November 9

Opening Reception: 6pm

Wildhood: 7pm

A rebellious Mi’kmaw teenager runs away from home to find his birth mom.  

Thursday, November 10

Mama Bears: 7pm

Christian parents pushing against religion-fuled prejudices to embrace their LGBTQ+ children. Free Mom Hugs founder Sara Cunningham in attendance!

Friday, November 11

Black As U R: 6pm

Do all Black Lives Matter or only heterosexual black lives?

All About Evil: 8pm

What her friends don’t realize yet is that the murders in the movie are all too real. Pre-show performance by Peaches Christ & Mink Stole!

Saturday, November 12

Aggressive Glamour: 12pm

A colorful and glamorous history of the queens, kings and everything in-between who helped shape our history, Aggressive Glamour will feature an oral history of the evolution of drag. Featuring Honey Mahogany & Joshua Grannell

Uyra: The Rising Forest: 1pm

Uýra is the alter-ego of Emerson, a non-binary performance artist and ecologist of indigenous origin living in Manaus, Brazil, who spreads their message of environmental protection and promote LGTBQ+ rights.

Our Shorts: 3pm

A selection of our favorite LGBTQ2+ shorts from 2022 with a dazzling line-up, be prepare to experience all the feelings. 

Sirens: 5:30pm

Against the backdrop of revolution and retaliatory violence in Beirut, Lilas and Shery, start Lebanon’s first all-woman thrash metal band Slave to Sirens.

Moneyboys: 8:00pm

Fei, an inexperienced young man from a poor Chinese village, arrives in the big city determined to send money back home by doing whatever he has to.

Sunday, November 13

All Kinds of Love: 12pm

For sexually conservative, fortysomething Max divorce leads to a welcome surprise in the form of a new roommate, the twink-ish but emotionally mature young programmer Conrad.

Pure Grit: 2pm

Growing up queer on Wyoming’s Wind River reservation, Sharmaine Weed has faced more than her share of troubles—but her love of extreme bareback horseracing has sustained her throughout.