DIRECTOR: Stéphanie Lamorré
2021 | France | 85m

“The most controversial act I have ever committed in my life is being true to myself… in a world that does not always see the spectrum within all of creation.”

Sherente Harris came into the world marked by the thunder beings. And as thunder announces the clash of two fronts, Sherente lives at the intersections—sometimes clashing, sometimes harmonious—of several identities. A Two-Spirit teenager, Sherente has the love and unconditional support of family, yet when s/he begins dancing in the Fancy Shawl “girls” category at Powwows, the broader tribal community responds with quiet, insidious exclusion. Acutely aware of the tribal community’s lack of support, s/he nonetheless draws strength from the preservation and continuation of the language and traditions of the Narragansett tribe.

Navigating questions of identity, expression, and how to be one’s authentic self, this exceptional observational documentary utilizes moments both ordinary and formative to capture the quiet struggles and triumphs of a courageous young person creating life not at the margins, but at the intersections of family, community, and self.

Circle Cinema
Sunday, November 14, 2021

November 11 – November 18, 2021

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