DIRECTOR: Kim Bartley
2021 | USA | 88 mins

Growing up queer on Wyoming’s Wind River reservation, Sharmaine Weed has faced more than her share of troubles—but her love of extreme bareback horseracing has sustained her throughout. A ten-time undefeated champion until she’s forced to give up racing to care for her sister after a terrible accident, Sharmaine finds solace and support in her burgeoning relationship with Savannah, a city girl who moves to the rez to help her care for her family.

When the two young women relocate to Denver to escape the increasingly toxic atmosphere at home, Sharmaine finally earns enough cash to realize her dream of buying a horse of her own and begins plotting her racing comeback. But the path we choose doesn’t always take us where we want to go… as Sharmaine and Savannah soon discover. Filmed over the course of three years in the breathtaking Wyoming landscape, this affecting documentary from Kim Bartley (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) is an exuberant tale of love, loss, and resilience among the Native American community.

Circle Cinema
Sunday, November 13, 2022